Krakow Airport Transport

In this page you’ll find information about transport options at Krakow International Airport.

John Paul II International Airport Krakow-Balice (KRK) is the main international airport serving Krakow, in Poland. Concretely, the airport is located in Balice, 11 km away from Balice ciy centre and about 20 km from Krakow city centre.

The airport is well connected by train with Krakow city centre.
At KRK Airport you can find the following transport options:


You’ll find several bus lines at Krakow International Airport. Check out which bus option is taking you the nearest from your destination. The bus lines 208, 252 and the night busline 902 are connecting the Airport with Krakow city centre very well. Check out which route fits your trip the best and more details about buses at Krakow Airport and its prices.

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Car rental

Renting a car in Krakow area is a great idea if you want to travel around. Find your best option with our search engine. A car ride from KRK Airport to Krakow city centre takes around 25 minutes. There are also some car rental companies at the John Paul II International Airport krakow-Balice.

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You’ll find a wide rank of taxis at Krakow International Airport (KRK). The taxi ride to Krakow city centre should take 20-25 minutes, but it will always depend on the traffic and on the destination. Check out more details about all types of taxi services and their avarage fares at KRK Airport.

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You’ll also find a wide number of trains at Krakow International Airport, very near of the Multi-level Parking lot of Krakow Airport. There are several trains departing during the entire day at Krakow Airport to many points and destinations in the region. If you need more information about trains at Krakow-Balice International Airport check it out here.

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